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Job: Registered Nurse

Title Registered Nurse
Job Information

Job Summary
The RN is a front line position acting as a representative NEW FRONTIER HOME HEALTH CARE, INC. and providing the services offered by the company. The RN duties are not limited to those listed as the position has a wide scope of duties at times dependent on the client and always under the auspices of the company. The RN will mostly work independently of co-workers or supervisors and therefore must balance good judgement and initiative along with the policies of the company It is the responsibility of a staff Registered Nurse under the supervision of a RN Manager, RN Supervisor, RN Assistant Director of Nursing, RN Director of Nursing, and Administrator to perform routine treatments and services in the delivery of care to the residents. A RN must serve as a staff nurse, and at times, a charge nurse on the floor and responsible for daily work assignments of the LPN’s, LVN’s and nursing assistants. An RN will provide information for the valuations of nursing assistants and LPN’s concerning performance appraisals and in educating, consoling, or listening to families and clients.

1. Current certificate in standard first aid and CPR.
2. Current RN license in this state, or permit to practice.
3. Able to supervise (instruct, assign work, etc) Nursing Assistants, LPV’s, and LVN’s.
4. Valid driver’s licence and reliable transportation
5. Ability to work independently.
6. Excellent communication and listening skills.
7. Compassionate, patient and caring nature.
8. Able to work in a stressful environment.
9. Must be physically and mentally fit to handle the demands of care giving.

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